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Vietnam food adventure - Part 1

Vietnam food adventure – Part 1

Vietnam food adventure – Part 1

Its been rare of late that Kevin and I could find the time to vacation together, but we’d just managed to sneak in 4 days of sun and surf in lovely Vietnam.

My only demands in booking this vacation were:

1. Our hotel must have a pool
2. There must be a beach
3. There must be plenty vegan food to explore!

All of these requests were made real in the busy little beach city of Da Nang. Though it was the same weekend of APEC (Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation) bringing the world’s leaders to this small city, we managed to get around despite the frequent and impromptu road closures. And despite it being the rainy season, the weather was pleasant for the most part 3 of 4 days on our trip.

Day 1

It was pouring rain on arrival. We left the airport and headed to our hotel, the Cicilia Hotel and Spa, near the beach. They upgraded us to a beautiful room with an en suite luxury bathtub, rain shower, HDTV and a view of the ocean (the upgrade was likely due to the construction that was happening in the building and luckily, even construction was delayed due to APEC). The only hitch was that it was 9 AM and our upgrade room wasn’t available until 2 PM.

This wasn’t too big a problem, since both Kevin and I were pretty hungry. We decided to get a taxi to the first restaurant on our list to visit Quán chay Hương Khách.

Our first round from this restaurant included Banana leaf wrapped savoury rice cakes, a Vietnamese sour noodle soup, and some cured and marinated tofu. That dark chili and oil sauce was key for pretty much everything on our trip, but the flavours of each dish were distinct and robust.

Our second round had us flabbergasted, the stirfried rice and the mushroom stir fry begged us to ask the wait staff to ensure us that what we were eating wasn’t meat! Both the little cubes of seitan in the stirfried rice and mussel like mushrooms in the veggie stirfry were delicious and would fool the most ardent of meat-eaters. The standard fried spring rolls were also a delight.

This feast prompted amazing naps on both our parts back at the hotel. After a short Project Runway marathon ensued we made it out to drink with some friends at a local dive called Minsk. Our first day, despite the rain, was great!

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