Veganfest! We came, we ate, we coma.

Veganfest!  We came, we ate, we coma.

It was weeks in preparation, days of cooking and hours in execution, but we did it!

Seoul’s 4th Veganfest was a great success. We enjoyed a stunningly beautiful day out at Seoul Innovation Park among the hundreds of out peers in the Vegan community and thousands of guests to this event. We sold a coming attraction to our menu, the hearty “Chilibomb” topped with cheese sauce and cashew sour cream, and our flagship “Burrito Bowl”.

We met so many new faces and were greeted by several of our regular customers.

This was our first Veganfest, so of course we learned some lessons:

#1 Winner, Winner, Vegan Chicken Dinner

We were placed next to the Vegan Tandoori Chicken vendor. They had a lineup from open-close. Must investigate.

#2 Don’t count on the electricity

Sadly, counting on the our crockpots to keep things hot was a mistake. With intermittent electricity the we had to make adjustments in order to keep the chili hot’n’ready.

#3 Triple check your gear before leaving!

We double checked, but still arrived without key elements to our setup! Oh the humanity!

#4 Hire goons to lineup in front of your booth

There’s a noticeable uptick in sale whenever there’s a group of people out front of your booth. If only we could pay our friends in lentils ^^

#5 Kits

It was a good look to get our own tees printed for Veganfest. Most vendors were kitted up and it really made us feel like part of the team!

#6 This scene is only getting bigger

The turnout to this Veganfest was their biggest yet, it was great fun and we enjoyed so much delicious food.
Can’t wait to do it again!

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