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My Top Vegan Spots Toronto

My Top Vegan Spots Toronto

My Top Vegan Spots Toronto

Before I left Seoul, someone asked me what I was most looking forward to about my trip home to Canada.  Other than the obvious(family), it’s always food. Between the restaurants and supermarket selection, every meal is an experience. And if they are anything but amazing, it is for sure that I’ll be left feeling devastated! Every meal counts, especially when I’m in Canada,  so I always do a lot of research into the hot new spots, and the newest vegan eats in the supermarket.


Here are some of the highlights of my food tour so far:



In an attempt to cure a pre-wedding party hangover, and hit one of the places on my list, we went for brunch.  Mythology, a vegan diner in Toronto is located in an area called Parkdale (recently renamed Vegandale). It is one of many vegan restaurants in the area offering up delish comfort foods including their famous vegan egg! The egg was magical,  everything was delicious, and hangover cured 🙂


Not Your Mother

One of the things I miss the most in Seoul is good vegan ice cream. This place is stocked with wild and creative flavours offered up in a cup, cone or waffle.  I was overwhelmed with all the choices but settled on “A New Hope”, a fun combo of chocolate and vanilla soft serve with all-dressed chips, pretzels, crushed oreo, caramel, topped with cola whip cream. Super yummers! But made a big rookie mistake getting the waffle cone.  As it’s freshly made for your order, I’m sure I missed out on half the ice cream when half of it melted 🙁



Saku Sushi

I think I miss sushi the most and this was not your regular veggie sushi.  You know, the rolls that are just the veggies with the basically the fish taken out? These rolls were creative, innovative and blew my mind! They turned eggplant, zucchini and peppers into a fish like the texture and topping similar to a rainbow roll. I left so satisfied and inspired.  



Fav supermarket finds

Sriracha Smoked tofu 

Everytime I come to visit, I eat so much of this. Sometimes right from the package. Diced in salads, sliced on sammies, thrown into stir-frys, could eat it every day. My goal this year is to learn how to make it.  #SpoonMebowlgoals.


Gardein Fish fillets

Same with the sushi, I miss fish the most.  These are like some kind of magic cause they taste exactly like a real fish stick. I whipped up some homemade vegan tartar sauce, french fries and boom~dinner!



Every year I come back for a visit, there’s so much more to discover, taste and be inspired by.  The west has always been ahead of Korea in vegan eats, but if the rate at which this movement is growing here is a sign of things to come, Korea is about to level up 🙂


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