Rolling the dice in Seoul – Top 10 Sneaky non-veg spots where we can veg out

Rolling the dice in Seoul – Top 10 Sneaky non-veg spots where we can veg out

The world over, and Korea in particular makes it a challenge to get your veggies in. Eating a vegetarian lifestyle is difficult, and being social as a vegan is damn near impossible. The concept of what is and what isn’t ‘meat’ in Korea isn’t hard and fast, etched in stone, or even a consideration for a startling majority of nationals. Consequently, restaurants have very little incentive to prepare accommodating menu items for special diets. Also, Korea seems to practice some sort of national abstinence from making modification to things listed on menus, so rolling the dice and trying to find things that are edible for vegans in non-vegan settings is ill advised.

In our neighbourhood of Itaewon we’re privileged to be surrounded by western establishments that are often staffed with foreigners who are familiar with the concept of modifications, perhaps not adding this or that ingredient that makes you break out in hives, or perhaps not putting a slice of lemon in your whiskey drink, that sort of thing.

Itaewon is chock full of Mediterranean kebab vendors I often hit up for falafel and fries. Of late though, they’ve uniformly stopped using dill pickles so I frequent them much less, but I rolled the dice this weekend and was pleasantly surprised at Souva in Kyungnidan. Though my order was first served without my requested ‘No tzatziki’ modification, my meal was quickly replaced with a plate made just how I’d ordered it.

This wrap was bursting with cilantro, pickled veg and perfectly prepared falafels. The flat bread was also plump and delicious. Their vegetarian option (vegan without the tzatziki) is new to the menu and available for delivery on Shuttle. Its always great to have another good option to have delivered home!

A quick list of 10 (In no specific order):

1. Morococo
2. 시골밥상 (Sigol Bapsang)
3. Gino’s Pizza
4. Casablanca
5. Fat Cat Neighbourhood Bistro
6. 8 Piece
8. Souva
9. Vatos
10. Wolfhound

If you know of any non-vegan restaurants in Seoul that have good vegan options please let us know in the comments!

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