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2017 and Vegetus Lasagna Dinner in review

2017 and Vegetus Lasagna Dinner in review

2017 and Vegetus Lasagna Dinner in review

The holiday season and the first week of this new year has come and gone. Over the holidays we've been very reflective thinking all about where we were a year ago and where we find ourselves today. This is our brief, look back at 2017 and the first full year that saw the beginnings of SpoonMe.

We began with little popups in our neighbourhood back in the summer of 2016, back then we were known as 'No Lettuce'. It was always great to see and feed our friends who came out in droves to try things I'd conjured up. Scaling up to meet demand we began making desserts, burritos, hummus, and new bowls for our patrons every couple weeks. This led up to our early discussions to work together with Shuttle. We spent 2017 New Years Eve with friends in Guam, looking forward to new collaborations with our future partners.



Spring 2017 it became very real, very fast. We were over the moon to be working so closely with our new partners in Shuttle and a newly dubbed Crave Catering. We began sales through Market Kurly (Kurly.com) and set our sights on the upcoming Winter Olympics! The new partnership was fresh and exciting, trying and exhausting at most times, but a clear step in the right direction.

Peanut Butter and Banana breakfast, everyday!
One of our greatest helpers, thank you so much Leah!

Come the fall of 2017 said goodbye to some staff (we miss you Dennis!), but we came out much stronger having partnered with an actual head chef (Steve, formerly head chef of Beastro) who brought along his team and reinvigorated ours. Providence is a force that we must thank as we rose up like a kale stalk through concrete, ready to face the challenges before us. Now we've opened up a second kitchen that will have our first take-out counter (coming soon!), we're training new staff and adding new items to our menu.


2018: We began our spent new year's day doing what we do best, eating! We had a simple breakfast of spiced black beans, tofu scramble, whole wheat toast, tempeh bacon and baked french fries.  Oh, and mimosas of course!  The only way to celebrate in the morning ^^ We ended our evening visiting Vegetus for their New Year special meal and boy was it worth every penny!  We were very surprised by the 'Vegan Mozzarella' that was used to make the Caprese salad, its texture was perfect for this presentation where the cheese isn't asked to perform like classic mozzarella being melty or stretchy.  The same goes for the lasagna that was so well presented and amazingly flavoured as well. High marks for Vegetus' lasagna dinner. The meal was capped off with a baked apple crumble with vegan ice cream and caramel topping.  It was soooo good and not too sweet!  The perfect meal to begin our new year, thanks Dajung!

Our new years resolution is to continue fighting! We're determined to continue expanding our menu, keeping things fresh, fun and exciting like the first popups that got us into this game. Working alongside our friends and helping to build this plant-based community here in Seoul. We won't give up on you!

Happy New Year everyone!

Love, Karen & Kevin

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