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My Vegan body

My Vegan body

My Vegan body

I’m not one for labels and having to be known as Vegan was probably the hardest part of becoming one.  But, I do love being part of a group of like-minded people! Just over here trying to do our best every day for ourselves, the planet and the animals.

Now I wear the label with pride, sometimes even on a t-shirt. ^^

vegan in Seoul
Image sourced from www.pexels.com

To be honest, it wasn’t a cold turkey transition but after seeing a few images of cows in locked milking machines, animal slaughterhouses etc., I just couldn’t get them out of my head! The more I researched the more animal products I gave up on.

The more I learned, the more creative I became with my diet. Until without even realizing it, I’d become vegan (OMG:)!

Becoming vegan generally means that you naturally eat healthier, but not all vegans are consciously healthy in their diets (most bread and Oreos are vegan fyi). I, on the other hand, was all about it.  I couldn’t just choose the easy, fast food options anymore. As a vegan you have to prepare and put more thought and work into your diet. Meal prepping became my thing because you can never count on being able to find something to eat anywhere you go (especially in Korea) And anyone that knows me, knows my hanger is real!  

So pretty soon with the addition of all these veggies in my diet, my body felt and looked better!

Image Sourced From www.pexels.com

I rarely ever have that, “oh my gawd I ate too much” feeling. Sure, sometimes I eat a whole pizza and feel like “um ya that was a lot”, but I don’t feel bloated or sluggish after. I’m a busy woman and always on the go, so feeling full of energy all day is a must! And of course, I love food! So being able to eat a lot of it is winning for me.

I go to bed excited for my breakfast smoothie bowl. No joke 🙂

Vegan breakfast Seoul

My relationship with food changed as well.  My diet now is something I don’t have to think about, but is just a way of life.  It’s a consistency and a lifestyle that I feel like so many people are striving for in their own diets. My weight doesn’t really fluctuate, I don’t eat with guilt, and everything I eat is fucking delicious.

Stay tuned for more on my daily delicious eats and how being vegan in Seoul isn’t as hard as you think 🙂

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