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My NYC Vegandale festival experience

My NYC Vegandale festival experience

My NYC Vegandale festival experience

I was lucky enough to spend the last weekend of my trip home in NYC, visiting friends and trying a few vegan restaurants that were on my hit list.  But the real reason behind the visit was Vegandale Festival! A 2-day food and drink festival with over 100 vegan food stalls~ my own vegan fairytale 🙂


The festival was held on Randall Island and the weather gods blessed us with an absolutely gorgeous day. There was a DJ, eating contests and an amazing cross-section of race, sexes and age groups.

The overall energy was so jubilant and inspiring, I got a little emotionally overwhelmed but stayed one big smile all day 🙂

I knew the hardest part of the day would be deciding what to eat and trying to not fill myself up too fast.  So, I outfitted myself in my fabulous new MICHI yoga pants (elastic waist please) and arrived early to do some scoping before the lines got crazy. There were 6 of us so it made it easier to try a variety of vendors and not fill up on things.  

A few of our finds:

Vegan shrimp


Mac & cheese w/ fried chickn and “Beef” Jambalya bowls

Cookie dough and Jamaican pattie

Fried chickn



Philipino Ice cream w/jackfruit, coconut and dried pineapple

Not only do I just love eating, but I also like to try as many new vegan foods as I can for inspiration and to keep current.  I’m not sure whether it is because it was in America, or it was a festival, but a lot of the food seemed very similar ~ fried, processed and comfort foods.   Most of the dishes were super yummers, but I was definitely in a food coma state by the end. I think showcasing this kind of food is a great way to get non-vegans intrigued and excited about vegan food, but would love to see more creative veggie dishes get the same kind of hype. 🙂

It’s starting to get cold and we tend to want to eat more comfort foods. Next week, I’ll share a few healthy comfort food recipes to get you through the winter:)


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