Its Christmas come early for Olympic staffers

Its Christmas come early for Olympic staffers
We at SpoonMe are super proud to be serving NBC staff during the Olympics and like expected of such diligent staff they are here early! We’ve begun working overtime to meet the demand for the current skeleton crew setting up for February when the Olympics actually begin. Next week NBC staff will return to America to be with their families for the holidays and we will enjoy a brief respite from the increased workload before we really kick it into full gear this new year.

Here are a few behind the scenes shots from the SpoonMe kitchen!

Fashion forward with the hairnets in here,

it’s become an all ladies kitchen as all the boys have fled to the new kitchen with the sandwiches! Us gals enjoy the healthy lunches here!

Our new kitchen (ex-Migook Opa) will have a small bit of seating to eat a bowl or a sandwich and have a coffee, and the ability for you to pick-up your take-out!  We will keep you posted as it should be opened very soon!

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