International Vegetarian Day Wrap-up

International Vegetarian Day Wrap-up

It was on my birthday a year ago, International Vegetarian Day, October 1st 2016 that Kevin and I went to our first Veganfest in Korea.

It was a delightful afternoon, with beautiful weather and so much great food to try! Our favourite vendors were there and we met so many folks that make up our little vegan food community. It was that day we said to ourselves, “Next year, we will be here”

Now, a year later and with Veganfest just a couple weeks away we chose to participate in Nodaji’s rooftop event at Sonnenedeck, and we also took it upon ourselves to put together a little Vegetarian Day celebration of our own, a rooftop potluck at our building for the local Itaewon Vegan community. But of course, unlike the beautiful day we enjoyed last year it quite literally rained on our parade! Somehow we still managed to pulled it off…

At Sonnendeck we set up our Burrito Bowl and Vegan Nacho booth indoors rather than being outside on their lovely rooftop.

And we were blessed by our good friends at The Workshop with some indoor space to host our Vegan Potluck.

Our hands down favorite Vegan eatery Plant brought a delicious row of Enchiladas, they were amazing! Thanks Mipa!

The Vegan Tempeh boys showed up with some of their work!

Sprout joined us with a variety of dishes! A delicious dip, a veggie soup and a lovely rice salad ^^ Thanks Jamie and Jon!

We provided a Taco Salad, Tabouleh and Hummus. The Taco Salad was a hit!

Wahid from Casablanca / Morococo brought a delicious Tajine, it went fast!

Hugger’s supplied a variety of rich and delicious desserts! Thanks AJ!

Becca from Lumi helped out with some Kombucha and made gin cocktails with a preserve that she’d aged for 3 years! OMG! Thank you so much Becca!

Everyone left full! What a wonderful day. Thank you to everyone who came to eat and support our growing scene. We hope you enjoyed your International Vegetarian Day too! Let us know how you celebrated in the comments ^^

Happy Chuseok everyone!

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