Dairy-free for me, please ^^!

Dairy-free for me, please ^^!

I’ve been holding out on you. I know how things get outta hand once they’ve been blogged about and I can’t bear a lineup.

But now we need your help. Winter is coming. And ice creameries struggle during the cold months.

I’ve been addicted to Mélliéno non-dairy ice cream for months.

My go to has been the avocado. Kevin tends to go for the Oreo, though we’ve recently been alerted to the fact that Oreo’s in Korea aren’t vegan! I guess I’ll never know the delight of Mélliéno’s Oreo flavour.

So, please… I’ve hereby enlisted you to support this delicious ice non-dairy-creamery across the alley from Magpie. I don’t know how I’ll go on if it up and vanishes before the spring!

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