Chuseok Wrap-up

Chuseok Wrap-up

Korea seems to have finally got this holiday thing down pat as many spent the entire week away from work! We weren’t entirely as fortunate, but we did Chuseok as well as we could and boy did we eat!

As mentioned previously, it was my birthday last week Sunday and work being what it was, we didn’t celebrate officially until Tuesday (around these parts, celebrating a ‘birthday week’ is not an uncommon practice). Whether it was Kevin making me a birthday breakfast, or my girls treating me to a birthday snack party, my Chuseok was full of surprises.

My favourite surprise from again, from my gals…

2 x 100 minute deep tissue massage treatments from my favourite masseuse Chan @ Chance Deep Tissue Therapy!

My ladies know me so well, and how I need these treatments to get through the long hours I spend in the kitchen. These massages are more like work than relaxing as they are working out the problems that my body carries. There is no substitute for the best, and believe me when I say that Chan gives “The Best” deep tissue treatment period.

Yesterday, we made it to brunch at Plant before 3 pm so we could try their delicious breakfast burritos. We also had to try their Caesar Salad, just because its something I’d not commonly order anywhere (pictured up top), and we were not disappointed ^^

Incredibly full, we didn’t think we would need dinner…

Still, we had some leftover cheese sauce to eat up! So after a quick jaunt to get some elbow macaroni we whipped up a soul satisfying jackfruit-n-veg mac-n-cheese

Food comas followed.
We hope your Chuseok was as enjoyable as ours ^^

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