Spoon Who?

About me

Hey guys! I’m Karen Sylvana, hailing from Toronto, Canada. I moved to Seoul in 2009 after  living 3 years in the Cayman Islands and backpacking through Europe and Asia. I came to Korea an English teacher, and recovering from a very serious stomach illness that I literally survived, in South East Asia. I didn’t make any changes in my diet after, and really didn’t let my body recover properly. I suffered the effects for a few years after, until I finally decided to change my part time vegetarian diet, to vegan.  It was the cure I had been searching for!

I was so excited to learn new recipes, about ingredients, and veganism in general.   This sparked my need to not only create healthy and delicious food at home for myself, but to make it easy and convenient for anyone to eat plant-based meals.

I’ve always loved to host dinner parties and test out new recipes on my willing friends, so starting SpoonMe seemed like the inevitable next step. My goal is to bring all of the dishes I enjoy cooking and eating at home, to yours :).


About  SpoonMe

SpoonMe is a premium plant-based meal service designed for people on the move. We make creative, healthy and delicious bowls that are a perfect choice for vegans, vegetarians and those excited about healthy eating options. We understand the struggle of trying to eat food that is both nutritious and delicious—so our goal is to provide you with delivered, affordable, meals that save you valuable time and energy in your busy life. Our unique and well-balanced bowls are prepared with natural and fresh ingredients, guaranteed to leave you satisfied and feeling great. Eating healthy is not just a diet, it’s a lifestyle.


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